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- A small collection of photos for people with nothing better to do than look at pictures of total strangers.

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Mini Me When I was young, I used to sit on our back step, listen to the wireless, and eat ice cream. I found this to be vastly preferable to sitting on the ice cream listening to the back step while eating wireless. (18k)

Here's one of my favourite pictures of Yukari. It was taken in the Cayman Islands, at the Turtle Farm, in November '95. If you're into snorkelling or diving, try to get to the Cayman Islands! (11.3k) Yukari with turtle

Me at work Me at work, taken on 7th Jan 1997 with an early digital camera. Thanks go to Pete Wyld, of Tigerfly fame, who provided the camera and took the photo. (36.6k)

This is my motorbike, my main means of travel to work when it's not too cold or wet. No traffic jams or parking nightmares for me! It's a Honda CBR600FW, and I bought it brand new in August '98. (20k)
More motorbike pics
My motorbike

Us two at a restaurant A photo of us taken in a restaurant, February 1999. Yukari was growing her hair longer & curlier, and I was drinking beer. (23k)

In August 2002, I bought my dream car... a 1969 Mustang fastback. This is my weekend car. I've created a page about the Mustang, which can be viewed by clicking on the image. Mustang

Mustang 40th This is me at the top of the stands at the Mustang 40th anniversary celebration, in Nashville Tennessee, April 2004. (53k)

Here's Yukari at the Mustang Owners Club GB annual show, Capel Manor, July 2004. That's not my car in the background! (43k) Mustang

A Hippy Finally, as a reward for making it all the way to the bottom of the page, here is a bonus picture... from my hairier days! (17k)

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