Photos of Japan

- Just some of the photos I have taken on my frequent trips to Japan over the years.

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Cherry blossoms in Fukuoka, Spring 1993. Underneath the tree you might just be able to make out the shape of an office picnic in progress. This is a common sight in Spring, when a popular activity is o-hanami, or cherry-blossom viewing. (32k) Cherry blossoms in Fukuoka

Nagasaki memorial This sculpture is located in Nagasaki, and points to the place where the bomb exploded in 1945, 500 metres above the city. Nearly 74,000 people were killed. (10k)

A traditional singing boatman on a canal in Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Yanagawa is the birthplace of poet Hakushu Kitahara. (20.3k) Trad boatman

Mt Fuji Mount Fuji, taken from inside a car, August 1994. You can just about see the mountain amongst the clouds! (7.6k)

Me and my girlfriend, Yukari. The picture was taken in August 1996, in Hakodate, Hokkaido. We're standing by a statue of poet Ishikawa Takuboku and behind us is Mount Hakodate, famous for the spectacular view you can see from its peak at night. (12.8k) Us in Hakodate

Us on Mount Hakodate Me and Yukari again, this time on the top of Mount Hakodate. The writing on the thing we're standing next to just says Hakodate Mountain!. This picture and the one above were taken by Yukari's friend, Kazuko, who we were staying with overnight. (17.6k)

Another one of Hakodate... this is the famous view from the top of Mount Hakodate. (37k) view of Hakodate

Nikko This is one of my favourite photos... it was taken at Nikko, North of Tokyo. Although this is a notorious tourist trap, the famous Toshogu Shrine with its fine gardens is worth seeing. (16.3k)
This is a photo I took while just wandering around the Edogawa suburb of Tokyo. It's a traditional 'red lantern' bar (akachouchin). (14k) Bar
Edogawa Here's a 'hotel boat' I found on the Edogawa (Edo river), near my girlfriend's parents' home. The Edogawa flows to the East of Tokyo, into Tokyo Bay. (15.5k)

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