Andy Holten FAQ
Answers to some of the questions I get asked most frequently, about me and the website...

  1. Q. Did you really use Notepad to create your pages, or did you actually use an HTML package?

    A. I really learnt HTML and typed it all in using Notepad. I hate Frontpage and all similar products, so I don't use them. HTML is a very simple thing to learn, and I don't see why I should mess my nice pages up with the garbage that Frontpage creates.

  2. Q. I see you work at British Airways. Do you know my brother / uncle / mother-in-law, who also works there?

    A. Unlikely.

  3. Q. The text on your Japanese pages looks like a lot of funny characters (like this: アンディ ホルテン ). How can I see it as it should look?

    A. If you can't read Japanese, I'd say it's not worth the trouble, however, there are several options:

    • Go to Jim Breen's Japanese viewer and enter the URL of the page into the box there.
    • Get a copy of Twinbridge Asianviewer, or some similar Asian text viewing package that works with your browser. I used to recommend a download site for Asianviewer, but some people seemed to have problems with the result, especially with Windows 95. If you want to know where I got my copy from, e-mail me.
    • Install a Japanese word processor, e.g. JWP or NJStar, save the relevant page as text, and view it in the WP package. My pages are in Shift-JIS format.
    • If you're going to look at a lot of Japanese stuff, the best thing is to install a Japanese operating system. I'm certainly not going to tell you how to do that!
    • Have a look at Jim Breen's page, there are links to loads of Japanese resources on the net there.

  4. Q. Nice page about Teddington (this one). How about including a photo of... (insert building or other object here)?

    A. Why, of course... After all, I've nothing better to do than wander around Teddington taking photos of other people's houses.

  5. Q. Can you tell me what I should do in order to get a job at British Airways?

    A. Take a degree in Applied Dentistry, spend a couple of years trekking around a small, violent country that no-one's heard of, take a temporary job that includes gardening and carpentry, and then...

    No, I can't help you. Try here.

  6. Q. Do you really send out postcards?

    A. Yes, if you live outside the U.K., and remember to include a snail mail address in your e-mail!

If you have a question that isn't answered here, e-mail me!

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