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The sensible homepage - The main homepage.
The old homepage - What my homepage used to look like.
Andy Holten's CV - Gizza job.
Who am I? - All about me and my site.
Andy's current thoughts - The latest from the world of Andy.
Andy's not so current thoughts - Older stuff from the archives.
My photos - Piccies from my album
My 1969 Mustang - all about my weekend car.
The FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.
My irrational loves and hates - Stuff I do and don't like.
Miscellaneous links - A few of my fave sites.
Japanese links - Links to Japan-related sites.
TPF links - Links to IBM TPF operating system sites.
My friends - Links to my friends' homepages.
Essential links - Links to classic stuff on the 'net.
Photos of Japan - A collection of photos I've taken in Japan over the years.
My motorbikes - A history of my motorbikes.
Student recipes - A few classics.
The Pigeon competition - The results of my 'win a pigeon' competition.
The Pigeon competition - The original competition entry form.
The telepathy experiment - It's not clever, it's not funny...
An Ode to Parachuting - A poem by Paul Milner.
Email - A form for sending me email.
My Travelogue - The index for the next 3 pages.
My Travelogue 1988 - 1993 - Details and photos of my travels.
My Travelogue 1994 - 1999 - More of the same.
My Travelogue 2000 onwards - Yet more of the same.
Index Page - This page!

Japanese homepage - Can only be viewed if you have Japanese fonts.
Japanese Photos page - Highlights from my photos page with Japanese captions.
Japanese feedback page - Same as my English feedback form, in Japanese.
Japanese email page - Japanese email form.

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